Customer Stories

Here at Brown’s Carpets, we have built our reputation for excellent service over the last 35 years by listening carefully to our customers and helping them solve problems. We only supply goods that we would be happy to have in our own homes, and we treat each customer as an individual, ensuring you end up with the perfect product for your home.

Stories we would like to share:

Mr and Mrs J live in Stornaway, in the Outer Hebrides off Scotland.

We had always wanted a La-z-boy reclining suite but could never find anyone to supply and arrange delivery to the Islands. After a conversation on the phone with Steven we set off down to see Browns in Morecambe and ordered a very comfortable reclining leather suite. Steven arranged for his own delivery team to bring it up to Ullapool and then transfer it to the local courier who then ferried it across to Stornaway. We’ve waited a good few years to find our La-z-boy but it’s definately been worth the wait and it looks great in our front room. Thanks again for a great service

Mr and Mrs J are now the happy owners of their very first La-z-boy reclining suite.

Just before Christmas Mr and Mrs B were unfortunately flooded and we supplied the estimates for the insurance company.

A few days later the insurance assessor rang up for a few more details on the recliner chairs and the make and model of one of the beds we had quoted for, and the very next day Mr and Mrs B came into the shop and we were able to order replacements for, not only their water damaged carpets, but also their recliner chairs, king size divan bed base, adjustable electric beds, and they are also considering Luxury Vinyl Tiles to the kitchen and conservatory.

A new customer called into the shop last week. He had just bought a flat in Morecambe and was complaining about the noise coming from his neighbour who lived in the flat below.

I called in at Browns Carpets a couple of weeks ago to explain my problem – my neighbour is deaf as a post and has a bad habit of shouting at his dog, all the time. Originally I only wanted the lounge carpet lifting and then refitting on the best Acoustic underlay I could find. Steven told me that Dreamwalk 11m underlay was rated No 1 and had a very impressive sound reduction rate. After having the lounge carpet refit on this new underlay I was so happy with the result that I decided to buy 2 brand new carpets and have the same new underlay fit right through the flat. No more barking dogs and noisy neighbour and much better than I had hoped for.

One very happy new home owner.

Mr and Mrs G were looking for a carpet for their sons bedroom. They had a limited budget but they needed a decent quality carpet, with underlay, to deaden the normal sounds coming from their teenagers room.

Obviously thin bedroom quality carpet wouldn’t do the job, so we looked at our upstairs showroom full of quality room-size carpet remnants (usually discontinued lines and priced to clear). They managed to find the perfect heavy duty grey twistpile carpet, which matched the wallpaper perfectly being a 2-tone twist, at a great price and with the added benefit of being Bleach Cleanable. With the saving they made they could also have the better underlay.


Mrs H. came into the shop after Christmas. She had just bought a flat in Bare and after she mentioned about the staining and smell on the old existing lounge carpet I showed her the new Challenger 11mm underlay and explained the added benefits of its Anti-Microbial & Ultrafresh treatments.

She finished up buying new carpets with this new underlay right through the flat. And bonus, she also bought a Sherborne reclining suite (including a Power recliner) that we were clearing off in the Sale.

One Very Happy Customer.

2nd week in December a couple came in who have always bought wool carpets from us for well over 30 years. She went on to explain that her husband had been resting his drink on the window sill and knocked it clean across the carpet when he forgot about it and turned sharply. (He was looking a bit sheepish while this story was being told)

The stain would not come out and the insurance company would not pay out, although they did say if he had damaged the TV they would have. I went on to explain about these new Bleach Cleanable carpets, and, working out at less than half the price of the wool carpet they bought only 2 years ago, they quickly picked a colour and placed the order

And the husband was relieved as our fitters can manage to refit the unstained part of the lounge carpet to one of their bedrooms – so not a total waste.

One of our regular customers came into the shop looking for new carpets for a bungalow she was moving into. It had been a while since I last saw her and age had caught up with her – she drove into the shop in one of those very large motorised scooters.

Her main concern was that her new carpets would not “ruck-up” or bubble with her using this big mobility contraption around the house.

Our fitters used the double-stick method of fitting on this job. This is where they stick the underlay to the floor and then fully stick the carpet onto the underlay.

Problem solved – no possible bubbling or ”rucking” whilst she’s driving about indoors.

A number of years ago a new customer came to the shop and asked for a carpet in his bathroom. We are always happy to supply and fit smaller jobs such as this and they receive the same quality of service as the larger ones – as father always says, “From little Acorns, big Oaks grow”. After that 1st job, Frank went on to become a regular customer and friend, not only for all his own carpets and furniture, but it turned out he worked for a local Society who have 3 Residential Homes in the area. That one small job led to a regular stream of work over the years.

One of our long standing customers had ordered a red leather La-z-boy suite. We delivered it but unfortunately they thought it clashed with the furnishings and overpowered the room, (which it did), and they asked what, if anything, could be done. We were happy to take it back into stock and replace it with a slightly smaller black leather reclining La-z-boy suite.

It was a perfect fit and looked so much better in the room. Our customers were delighted and have since brought another friend in for furniture.

This did unfortunately leave us with one red leather suite too many so we decided to clear it off in the Sale, and as luck would have it, a young couple saw the display in the window and immediately bought it.

They asked if we could store it for them for about 6 weeks while they finish the works on the new house. No problem, as we have loads of storage space.